Treatment Options

What do we do?

As a medical doctor, with over 20 years experience in hospital medicine & General Practice, Dr Jennifer Sudder has been using homeopathy, hypnotherapy & nutritional medicine to achieve the optimum health for her patients for many years. This is a popular feature of the clinic as Dr Sudder will safely guide you to the most appropriate treatment options. We care for people with a wide variety of ailments in a confidential and nurturing environment. Situated in the picturesque town of Banchory in Royal Deeside the clinic aims for people to feel valued, listened to and understood, offering a professional and integrative, medical approach encouraging and empowering health.

Bowel Complaints

Working in this area in hospital and general practice led to studying the bowel both from the conventional side, the nutritional understanding and the homeopathic options available. This holistic approach towards improving the microbiome has resulted in deep, far-reaching benefits for patients. Some of these anonymised cases can be seen in our Facebook page.

Mental Health Concerns

A “warm and welcoming approach” (anon patient) enables the common symptoms of anxieties and low mood to be discussed in an understanding, professional and confidential environment. Many person-centred approaches are on offer, alongside years of experience in working with mental health, both conventionally and using natural approaches, allowing the clinic to have a fresh outlook and perspective. While focusing on the individual, therapeutic options are shared and developed in a “very approachable, friendly and lovely manner” with the aim of promoting good mental health and well-being.


Very often when people present to the clinic with varying symptoms, sleep is disturbed in some way. As a time of restoration for the day ahead, this can leave us feeling exhausted and with a lower threshold for other symptoms to present, for example poor immunity, mental health concern etc. This is an area which responds beautifully to homeopathic remedies and hypnotherapeutic techniques. An individualised approach will be taken to discover the best way to help you.

Women’s Health

An area of experience developed from working in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and leading this area in general practice for many years. The monthly fluctuation in hormones mean many women suffer considerably and this approach can allow women to feel less vulnerable both in the pre-menstrual syndrome, in their mental health as well as in pregnancy and childbirth and the menopause. “Anxiety better... and restless thoughts” (anon patient). There are many useful options to support empowerment and health, such as hypnotherapy techniques for birthing, homeopathic remedies for use both before and after childbirth and alternatives to HRT as well as nutritional advice. Advice on home remedies in this area can also be given.


Following work in the neonatal unit and general paediatrics and working with babies and children for 20 years in general practice, many children with varying concerns are seen in the clinic, for example behaviour disorders, school refusal, sleep issues, anxieties. The relaxed environment of the consulting rooms encourages children to bring their toys with them to be comfortable while they are assessed and a plan is made with the parent or caregiver.

Teenage Concerns

... such as anxieties, eating disorders and school refusal concerns. As a particularly rewarding group of individuals to work with these therapeutic approaches can encourage a fresh perspective relatively quickly, supporting healthy development, giving tools to carry forward as they mature and meet other challenges. “Quicker than interventions that were meant to be fast” (anon patient). Working in some cases alongside other approaches, allowing concerns to be voiced and involvement in decisions about health supports personal growth and aims to encourage responsibility for health. “(…the remedies) changed my whole attitude to things-what I’ve got, compared to what I don’t have” (anon patient) This is undertaken considering their emotional, mental and physical concerns amongst the challenges and changes of the social environment.