“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

Definition of health by World Health Organisation

“Mainstream medical care has saved my life on numerous occasions, and for that I feel eternally grateful. However, for health issues both chronic and acute, I have been fortunate to have support from homeopathy under Dr Sudder, and other complimentary therapies. I find powerful healing and sustainable health has been aided greatly through combining natural, ‘alternative’ approaches with conventional western medicine.”

Karen Darke, Olympic Gold Medalist.

“I noticed a real difference in my mood and attitude after taking the right remedy and I think anyone suffering from mental health issues should give homeopathy a go!”

“Dr Sudder has a calm, unhurried approach, which is invaluable for anyone seeking help for a variety of health issues, especially those related to anxiety. She is genuinely interested in finding the right approach for each problem and has the skills and knowledge to use therapies such as hypnotherapy and homeopathy. I have full confidence in her and have been greatly helped with several health issues. I would recommend her unreservedly”

“My situation meant that a conventional medicine was not appropriate, by offering the option of a homeopathic treatment Dr Sudder opened up a much more suitable way forward. The result has been really successful for me. I have had a massive reduction in my symptoms and my life has genuinely been transformed by the gentle and effective treatment”

“I kept getting infections in my sinuses making me feel exhausted. Having found the right homeopathic remedy 2 years ago I have felt so much better and not needed antibiotics since”

“I genuinely felt you were listening and truly seeking to understand my specific situation and me as a person”

“Knowing that what you’re giving your children, not only helps them but it’s natural. I also think that homeopathy is very clear as it gets to the main cause of the problem.”

Natural Health

Situated in the picturesque town of Banchory in Royal Deeside, Promoting Health – the natural way offers a professional and integrative clinical approach to health.

The conception of health is moving from a disease model to a health model emphasising health promotion rather than just disease management.  We can speak about vitality & healthfulness rather than debility or impairment. Our lifestyle habits heavily influence our quality of health. Which allows us to have some control over our own health. We know that to maintain our health we should eat well, exercise, avoid smoking & find ways to effectively manage stressors in our lives. Self-management is good medicine. The aim of this clinic is to enable people to better manage their health safely as well as limiting the impact of health concerns.

Using this approach first line, as in other countries, we aim to reduce the requirement for individuals to require appointments when not feeling well, by empowering and enabling self-help skills and promoting healthfulness. Because we are medical doctors if we are approached for an appointment but feel the conventional route is more appropriate you will be advised of this. If this approach to your health appeals to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us

The patient’s journey begins before you are seen. A thorough assessment starts by obtaining details via a questionnaire enabling the patient to gain the most benefit from the consultation.

Who are we?

The clinic is run by Dr Jennifer Sudder, a medical doctor. After graduating from Aberdeen Medical School in 1997 she worked first in hospital medicine then in general practice. After obtaining her membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners she travelled and worked as a GP in New Zealand. This increased her awareness of the effectiveness of using an integrated approach to healthcare. On return to the Aberdeen area in 2003 she started her training in homeopathy and has been using this in her work as a general practitioner ever since.

These years of experience enables her to choose, together with each individual, which therapeutic option(s) are most beneficial for you but also when the conventional approach is required.

Dr Sudder achieved her Membership of the faculty of Homeopathy, completed a certified course in Hypnotherapy & has undertaken a degree in Nutritional Medicine at Surrey University studying the effect that nutrition has on health, lifestyle, disease & ageing (see links).

She has increasingly used natural approaches to help patients alongside conventional medication and has found this hugely beneficial, in many cases where conventional options either cannot be used or have not helped. An awareness of adverse drug reactions and side effects have encouraged this, as well as patient’s enthusiasm for the gentle holistic nature of this approach. These years of experience enable her to choose, together with each individual, which of these therapeutic option(s) are most beneficial for you and also when the conventional approach is required

What do we do?

We care for people with a wide variety of ailments in a confidential & nurturing environment. At the clinic we aim for people to feel valued, listened to & understood while encouraging & empowering them to better manage their health.

Upper respiratory tract infections.

There are many useful options available to help create a healthy start by taking a holistic view. We aim to maintain health & build resilience to infections supporting the bodies own self-healing abilities & immune system development. Individual recommendations can be made for home treatment, offering an integrated approach with the patient at the centre.

Women’s health

An area of experience developed from working in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology following on from work in the Paediatric Department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The monthly fluctuation in hormones mean many women can suffer considerably and this approach can allow women to feel less vulnerable both in pre-menstrual syndrome, mental health but also in pregnancy & childbirth. There are many useful options to support empowerment & health, such as hypnotherapy techniques for birthing, homeopathic remedies for use both before & after childbirth & nutritional advice.

Anxieties and low mood

Common symptoms discussed in an understanding & confidential environment. With many person-centred approaches on offer & with years of experience of working with mental health this clinic allows a fresh outlook & perspective. While focusing on the individual, therapeutic options are shared & developed with the aim of promoting good mental health & well-being.

Teenage concern

Such as anxieties, eating disorders and school refusal concerns. As a particularly rewarding group of individuals to work with these therapeutic approaches can encourage fresh perspectives supporting healthy development. Allowing concerns to be voiced & involvement in decisions about health supports personal growth & aims to encourage responsibility for health. This is undertaken considering their emotional, mental & physical concerns amongst the challenges & changes of the social environment.

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Due to the popularity of this approach we have moved to new rooms! From 1/2/17 we are based at:

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